Drying wet carpets are very important to prevent mold growth and remove mild egg odor. Wet carpets, fillings, or floors begin to dry out after water and water damage.

The wet carpet has a wet underlay and subfloor.

For any carpet drying project, regardless of the size of the damaged area, you need to consider filling at the same time. Drying from wall to wall, or drying carpet premises that do not include sketches such as carpet tiles, straight stick carpets, and flute carpets, dry floor coverings Many people completely ignore the process of drying carpets. Do what to do and they believe that the most common solution for drying carpets is to clean or remove the carpet, and some homeowners prefer the drying process. Immediately. Take it. Prevents the carpet surface from drying out before the floor is completely dry.

The role of the carpet maker.

 Drying the carpet is a matter of providing the right amount of air circulation to remove moisture from the carpet. A carpet dryer is the basic drying equipment for flood care companies that speeds up the carpet drying process to a level that prevents mold growth, in many cases just a carpet dryer. They moistened the damp carpet. Can completely solve problems such as small clean water discharge. Carpet cleaning, window rainwater carpets, clean water flow to the surface before the carpets get hot, or unprofessional carpets get wet.

There are three ways to dry wet carpets,

There are three main ways to dry from wall to wall using commercial carpet fans, however, carpet dryer installation, comprehensive water removal, and wet carpet cleaning dry and odor a clean and stain-free result play an important role. The role, in addition to the drying method, dehumidifiers will further accelerate the drying process.