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Carpet Cleaning Daylesford has been instrumental in bringing innovative and quality solutions to the cleaning industry. Our Scotch Guard Shield is one of those revolutionary products that we usually wear after our deep professional cleaning.

How our Scotch Guard works

Our invincible UV resistant coating is attached to every fiber layer of Scotch Guard carpet or mattress, fighting stains that are oil and water-based. When there is an unnecessary leakage, the fluid comes to the surface while maintaining itself on the surface instead of handing over the beads. Having such a protective layer gives carpet or mattress owners time to respond so that stains can avoid permanent damage if needed.

Apply to our Protection and Scotch Guard.

Carpets - all kinds of carpets

Storage - any form of upholstery



In addition to providing an extra layer of protection, our Protection & Scotch Guard serves as the key difference between permanent stains and stained and fresh furnishings.

Although our Protection & Scotch Guard is a liquid-based Teflon guard, it is completely non-toxic and is tested against all skin conditions. It provides the best protection for your carpets and fabrics, so keep them fresh for a long time.

Why Carpet Cleaning Daylesford are the best in the market.

No need to commit in advance.

We offer the best rates in the market.

All our cleaning products are 100 non-toxic and suitable for all skin conditions. Are tested.

No hidden costs.

Compatible with all kinds of fabrics and textiles. Feel free to use your furnishings on our furnishings without any hesitation.