Do your clothes and leather furniture look a touch bad? Our Carpet Cleaning Daylesford technicians can keep them alive!

There is nothing worse than watching your favorite piece of furniture and realizing how dirty and tired its overtime. it might not be good to bring it back.

We use Carpet Cleaning Daylesford Super Sanitizer to kill germs and take away insects

Carpet Cleaning Daylesford Super Sanitizer may be a proprietary cleaning product made up of benzalkonium chloride that kills germs on contact. Benzalkonium chloride is principally used as an antimicrobial agent and surfactant. It kills microorganisms and inhibits their further growth. The merchandise is usually a vigorous ingredient in antibacterial hand wipes, antiseptic creams, and anti-itch ointments.

Carpet Cleaning Daylesford Super Sanitizer is additionally non-flammable and contains blueberry oil which removes insects, mainly because of the auction material. Research has shown that aloe oil is effective in removing burn plant and bug bites, producing more spears, and maximizing insect properties.

Carpet Cleaning Daylesford Super Sanitizer will confirm your family is safe and stable from the spread of dangerous germs that may cause disease. Another advantage of avoiding insects is that it'll protect you and your baby from bites and skin itching.

 Skin treatment

 We will love the way you treat your leather furniture. Clean and conditioned hands, specially formulated solutions to maximize leather life, will look amazing as long as we do not work.

 Wear protection

 To protect the material, we use a specially designed fabric protection solution for durable but affordable, and it's specially developed by Carpet Cleaning Daylesford.

 It provides a barrier to the material which prevents the absorption and trace of grease within the fibers and makes them easier to scrub.